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Translation Services Network is a translation company headquartered in Buenos Aires, Argentina specialized in the field of Industrial and Intellectual Property. We offer translation services mainly in English and Spanish and our goal is to provide linguistic solutions to national and international companies.


Our Experience

Due to the invaluable experience gained in the field of legal and technical translations for more than ten years, Translation Services Network has become a company specialized in the translation of industrial and intellectual property texts and the safest bet for the translation of texts related to trademarks and patents.

Thanks to our vast experience in the translation industry, we offer linguistic services in different languages to all of our clients. Our translation services are mainly centered on the chemical, pharmaceutical, veterinary, food and drinks, mechanical, agrochemical, oil, automotive, telecommunications and electrical industries, among others.

Our Values and Goals

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As a translation company, our values and goals are based on facilitating multicultural communication of people and companies in order to overcome the linguistic barriers imposed by the different languages. Our main goal is to become a strategic partner of our clients to help them to expand their scope and offer their products or services in new markets.

We stand out for providing all our clients with an excellent service focused on customized solutions adapted to each need, deadlines and desired quality. Our professional team internally analyzes and plans each stage of the project within the deadlines timely agreed, which allows us to provide a better quality and service.

We achieve our goals thanks to the collaboration of highly specialized linguists and other professionals in different areas, who are in continuous training to offer the highest quality standards. We use the latest technologies available in the field of translation and keep the same passion, quality and original values.


Our Team

We have a network of sworn, literary and scientific-technical translators with broad experience in the translation industry and supported by the most notorious national and international professional associations.

Our translators are featured not only by their exceptional linguistic skills but also by their knowledge of the implied cultures, their constant will to research and their interdisciplinary work consulting experts from different areas.

Accurate, faithful and high-quality translations


To ensure the best results to our clients, we develop internal processes in order to deliver accurate and faithful translations with the highest quality. We have the support of expert professionals in each field, such as lawyers specialized in industrial and intellectual property, industrial property agents, engineers, biochemists, biologists, pharmacists, etc.

Our translation company also uses the most advanced technology, allowing us to meet tighter deadlines and fulfill our goal of providing the highest quality and the greatest flexibility to our clients.

Each translation project has a work team made up of at least three linguists:
a translator, an editor and a proofreader skilled in the art.

absolute confidentiality

Why Choose Us?

In Translation Services Network all deadlines are handled with absolute responsibility.

Our services are recognized by our professionalism, the timely delivery of the required projects as well as the highest quality standards.

In our translation company, the clients’ information is handled with absolute confidentiality.

Professional Secrecy and Confidentiality

Section 8 of the Code of Ethics of the Professional Association of Sworn Translators of the City of Buenos Aires sets forth that:

“Translators shall strictly comply with the professional secrecy and shall strongly refuse to infringe their duty of confidentiality. Translators shall only be exempted from such duty in the following cases: a) upon the express authorization of the client or the recipient of the translation; b) for their own defense in a Court of Conduct or in a Court of Justice; c) when so required by law”.

If the client deems it necessary, we may enter into a non-disclosure agreement which ensures greater safety in the handling of the documents involved and which formally ensures our professional secrecy.

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