Translation Services

We are a Translation Company that provides a wide range of linguistic services.

Translation Services

In addition to offering translation services specialized in Industrial and Intellectual Property, in Translation
Services Network we also offer different solutions according to each client’s need. Find them below!


We translate all types of digital documents that do not require certification at the Professional Association of Sworn Translators of the City of Buenos Aires. We guarantee the naturalness of the translated text and the correct usage of the language.


If you need your translation to be legally valid, by means of our translators accredited by the Sworn Translators´ Association of the City of Buenos Aires, we will proceed with the document certification. 

Editing and

We carry out a thorough quality assurance process whereby we check that the translated content accurately reflects the original document. Our work is based on terminological unification, content accuracy, structure, clarity and format. 


We have the necessary tools to convert your file
from audio to text. 


We adapt the layout of the source text so that the outcome of this process is a file identical to the original one in its layout and content, but translated to the language requested by the client. 

Certification of your sworn translations

For your convenience, in Translation Services Network we also offer the certification service at the Professional Association of Sworn Translators of the City of Buenos Aires and the delivery of such documents within Argentina and abroad. 


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